Personal Growth and Creativity

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The Center for Personal Growth and Creativity, located in the heart of New York City, specializes in the treatment of:

  • sex addiction
  • childhood trauma
  • alcoholism
  • substance abuse
  • co-dependency

The Center also provides psychotherapeutic services for those who may be struggling with challenging life issues not necessarily related to addiction, such as:

  • anxiety and depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • grief and mourning
  • life transitions

Our clinical staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our work.  Our therapeutic approach draws on a variety of disciplines, and we tailor our treatment to meet the specific individual needs of our clients, helping them to achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives.

Whether the requirement is for individual, group or couples therapy, whether the need is for education, gentle confrontation, exploration or inspiration, we can provide the tools you need on your new journey.  Our multi-modal focus, which includes traditional psychodynamic therapy, psychodrama, art making and EMDR, will maximize your potential for long-term healing and growth.

In addition, we offer innovative and diverse workshops throughout the year that are geared toward enhancing self-awareness in a relaxed and supportive environment.  These exciting workshops provide opportunity to practice new life skills, heal old wounds, expand inner strengths and foster spontaneity and creativity.  They are provided in two separate venues:

  • as a component of our overall clinical program for clients in treatment with us
  • as free-standing personal growth workshops offered to the general community for those who wish to explore and expand their emotional or creative repertoire

Please contact us to arrange for a free telephone consultation to help you decide if we are the right next step for you.


Call for Consultation: 646-681-7808