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Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

In a safe and confidential setting, and with a respectful, non-judgmental approach, the clinical coordinator will gather personal history and other pertinent information in order to gain a full understanding of the presenting problems.  Utilizing the most up-to-date methods available in the fields of mental health, trauma, and addiction medicine we will identify and prioritize areas of importance and develop a realistic treatment plan that is uniquely suited to the particular needs of each client.

Individual Psychotherapy

Our professional staff brings extensive experience and training in multiple clinical approaches to best serve the individual needs of our clients.  Focus is on solving here-and-now issues with an appreciation of their potential roots in past experiences.

Educational GroupsOur Services Psychotherapy NYC Educational Groups

Weekly educational groups are provided for addicts and partners of addicts to learn about the nature of addiction, to identify relapse triggers, to become aware of self-limiting patterns of behavior, and to develop new skills necessary for making healthy, empowered choices in life.

Psychodrama Groups

Combining therapy with elements of the theater, psychodrama provides clients the opportunity to use dramatizations in a structured but unscripted manner to gain increased awareness and understanding about issues of personal concern.  Under the guidance of the group therapist or “director’, psychodrama can help resolve trauma, create corrective experiences in place of those that were unsatisfying or hurtful in the past, or rehearse for potential future experiences.

Couples Counseling

The Center for Personal Growth & Creativity utilizes an eclectic model of marital and couples therapy that draws on a variety of clinical approaches.  Principal goals are to explore early attachment experiences and to successfully identify distorted and self-defeating core beliefs.  We then can examine how those beliefs generate unrealistic expectations of our partners that are a set-up for disappointment and anger.  We also believe in the importance of teaching essential interpersonal skills such as “active” listening, effective communicating, conflict resolution, and development of the ability for empathic connection.

Traditional couples therapy is augmented for couples coping with sex addiction, adultery, or other breaches of trust.  Issues such as dealing with the impact of discovery, processing the experience of betrayal, managing panic and rage responses, and making informed decisions about “full formal disclosure” are all addressed in understanding and sensitive ways.

Art Making

Art making is an effective therapeutic intervention for people in recovery, many of whom are also survivors of abuse, neglect and other early traumas.  Through the use of art materials, clients can create visual metaphors for unspeakable situations, can access feelings for which there are no words, and can symbolically represent thoughts, desires, fears and intentions.

The act of art making is healing, fosters personal growth, and is a powerful tool for increasing self-esteem.  Because the creative process of art making can bypass intellectual defenses, the images, colors and shapes that appear in the finished work can offer clients a “new language” by which to tell their stories.

At the Center for Personal Growth & Creativity art making sessions are offered in separate venues:

  • as a component of our overall clinical program for clients in treatment with us
  • as free-standing personal growth workshops to the outside community for those wanting to explore and expand their emotional or creative repertoire