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Psychodrama is a unique and engaging interactive group method that combines psychotherapy with elements of the theater.  Under the experienced guidance of the group facilitator or “director”, participants utilize theatrical techniques, such as role-play, to gain increased awareness and understanding about issues of personal concern. Clients can explore past experiences, investigate current problems and challenges, or prepare for future possibilities.

Participants first use group discussion to identify areas of individual interest or importance.  Particular issues are then developed into scenes and put into action, with group members playing the various roles required in a structured but unscripted manner.  The enactment is often experienced on a deep, almost visceral level that can lead to rich emotional catharsis and profound insight – something not generally achieved in traditional group therapy.

Essentially, psychodrama offers opportunity to have experiences that are not possible in the “real” world.  Scene setting may focus on specific occurrences in the past, unfinished situations, future visions, dreams, or inner conflicts.  Psychodrama can help resolve trauma resulting from childhood injuries, create “corrective” experiences in place of those that were unsatisfying or hurtful in the past, or allow for rehearsal of a future challenging situation or potential new role in life.  Problems are addressed in creative ways that allow for the discovery of new solutions to old or intractable problems.

The composition of the group itself, with its individual personalities, provides additional opportunity for growth as members interact and practice how to communicate more effectively, how to resolve conflict rather than avoid it, and how to create healthy self-empowering boundaries.  The group becomes a safe and supportive setting for self-reflection, emotional development and psychological healing.