Anxiety and Depression Treatment

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Most people experience some form of anxiety before an important event or performance, and many people can feel down now and then due to disappointments in life.  But when people feel chronically worried about life in general, are irrationally frightened or distressed, or have persistent feelings of sadness, irritability or hopelessness, they may be dealing with a psychological disorder in need of professional treatment.

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand.  Anxiety disorders affect some 20 million people each year and may show up as panic episodes, phobias, post-traumatic stress, or persistent anticipation of calamity despite any supporting evidence.  Depressive disorders can range from a generalized feeling of lethargy or negativity to a dark and utter hopelessness about life, where one’s ability to sleep, eat, work, or even engage in activities that were once pleasurable are affected.

Anxiety and Depression TreatmentCauses of these disorders may come from stressful or traumatic life events, chronic or severe illness, substance abuse or other addictions, inability to regulate emotional states, or neuro-chemical imbalance.  At the Center for Personal Growth & Creativity, anxiety and depression treatment with an understanding and caring clinician will focus on identifying and changing distorted core beliefs, healing old wounds, and developing effective coping skills that will help our clients reclaim their lives.  Consultation for possible medication management may be made upon evaluation.